To speed up the turnaround of your order and save on the costs of in-shop file processing, we suggest you prepare and optimize your files for laser cutting prior to sending them to us.

We specialize in providing laser services for aerospace, automotive, medical, and military industries – but our knowledge and expertise allows us to work with any industry to deliver laser engraving and laser cutting services.

We accept files in the following formats:

  • CorelDraw (*.cdr)
  • AutoCAD (*.dxf, *.dwg)

Requirements for CorelDraw files:

  • All symbols and text must be vector-based. Graphic elements such as “bitmap” are not supported. The width of the curve: zero or “Hair line”. It is inadmissible to form an image by specifying the width of the curves, which should be converted to an object. For example, in CorelDraw use the Outline to Object command.
  • In the “Contour” (Wireframe) view, carefully review all the curves, and especially text characters, using the highest magnification to remove stepping and unsatisfactory pairing of the arcs. Separate any merged and densely placed text and characters, taking into account that the distance between the contours should be no less than the thickness of the material.
  • The image in the file should be scaled 1:1, if it is not, please specify the exact scale of the drawing.
  • A black and white or color mock-up of the finished product in an A4 format must accompany the file.

AutoCAD file requirements:

  • Scale 1:1, 2D-plane, coordinate system WORLD.
  • Allowable primitives are: circle, polyline, and captions. The objects are combined into closed polylines, if these are the contours of the product, or left open, if they represent the cutting line. Please, do not use ellipses!