Laser Wood Cutting

Laser cutting wood-based materials does not substantially differ from cutting other non-metal materials, and relies on CO2 laser systems.


Our Laser Cutting Services

The cutting area is cleared with condensed air, blowing out the combustion gases and blowing off the flames. With optimal air blowing, it is possible to avoid the formation of soot and obtain a clean cut.  If the cutting designs are optimally placed on the surface of the material, the small width of the cut (0.2-0.3mm) permitted by our equipment can significantly reduce material waste.

Complex contour laser cutting of wood-based materials is widely used in the production of architraves, cornices, brackets, furniture and gifts. Wood materials to be cut are typically limited to 40mm thickness, since using thicker materials produce a noticeable change in the shape of the cut (this is due to the increase of the diameter of the focused beam with distance).

Laser wood cutting services in Toronto
Cutting wood with laser tech
Laser wood cutting

Why Laser Cutting Plus?

The advantages that Laser Cutting Plus has over its predecessors are unparalleled.

Benefits of Laser Cutting Plus

Denser types of wood require high-power laser systems. When cutting knotty wood material, it should be kept in mind that higher power laser cutting is required compared to the power needed to cut the base material. The cutting process should be carried out at a lower speed, ensuring the cutting of the knots.

High quality laser cutting of plywood involves more complicated processes than solid wood. The final quality of the cut depends on the type of wood, type of adhesive and the manufacturing technology used. For laser cutting, degummed plywood made out of softer types of wood is often preferred over birch plywood.

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