What Sets Us Apart

Metal fabrication isn’t something you want to leave to inexperience. We’ve been trusted by the experts in medical, aerospace, automotive, and military industries for over 15 years to get the job done right.

The experience we’ve gained working in these industries through the years gets passed on to each one of our customers through the metal products we deliver.

When you hire us, you will always get:

Unsurpassed expertise in laser cutting, engraving, and other related services.

Knowledge and flexibility in working with a variety of metals.

Amazing accuracy and detail.

Cost-effective without cutting corners.

Flawless execution with the utilization of the most advanced laser machinery.

Expedient job completion within your timeframes.

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No matter how simple or complex the job, each project we take on will receive the same amount of attention to detail and care. We believe in consistent performance every time, and it shows in our work.

View our list of services and everything we have to offer:

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Our Lasers May Cut Corners, But We Don’t

We don’t skimp on cost and only employ the best and most state-of-the-art in laser technology. The laser machinery we use helps us achieve the accuracy, detail, and consistency that our customers expect from us. Utilizing the most innovative in technology helps set us apart from the rest.

Some of the benefits of laser machining vs. other methods are:

  • Less scrap output resulting from more precision cutting.

  • Lower chance of warping or distortion due to high laser speeds being used.

  • Cleaner cut and more precise edges than ever before, allowing for a more professional look and smoother parts operation.

  • Better capability of repetition and large batch machining through lasering.

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Cutting using laser technology
Laser cutting services in Toronto Canada

What Sets Us Apart From the Other Guys

Our tools and machinery always set us apart from the competition. The benefits of choosing our company are clear:

  • Ability to complete more detailed job requirements with better accuracy.

  • Capabilities of taking on a broader spectrum of projects and offering more customization options.

  • Less overhead costs and tooling requirements, which equals savings passed on to customers.

  • Faster completion of work because of quicker set-up times.

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Quality First

We believe an investment in better laser equipment is an investment in our customers, and our customers are worth the investment. We aren’t happy until you’re happy.

We’re The Ones for the Job

At the end of the day, you want the company you choose for your laser cutting and engraving to get the job done right and within your deadlines – that’s where we come in. As our customer, you are our top priority; the job isn’t done until it’s completed to your satisfaction.