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Among the many ways of processing stainless steel, laser cutting is considered to be the most effective in terms of product quality. However, it brings certain challenges. Processing stainless steel, particularly when thick, leads to slagging. Slagging is caused by the parts of the alloying elements called refractory oxides, which form during the cutting process. During the cutting process, the refractory oxides prevent radiation from being supplied directly to the material. The slagging problem is solved by increasing gas pressure, after which the cut surface becomes flat and smooth.


Laser Cutting Plus offers

Here at Laser Cutting Plus, we offer laser cutting of stainless steel. Our facility is equipped with a special cutting head and high-pressure gas conditioning system. We use high-purity nitrogen as a working gas. This guarantees the perfect cut surface for further welding and other work, without the need for additional surface treatment.  Naturally, the cost of this method is higher, but it allows for high quality cutting of stainless steel with a clear cut even for thick material.

Our specialists are able to carry out laser steel cutting in different thicknesses using our modern equipment, taking into account characteristics of the material, the required turnaround time, and the quality of the end surface of the finished work indicated in the order.

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