Our Cutting Copper and Brass Services

Materials such as brass and copper have high thermal conductivity and a high reflection coefficient — characteristics that make them difficult to cut using the laser method. Typically, laser cutting of copper is performed using the repetitively pulsed YAG laser mode. It is possible to obtain a perfect quality surface when using materials with a thickness of less than 2mm. Laser cutting of brass gives a slightly rough surface of the end part due to burr on the lower edge, but this is easily corrected by further processing. Please note that, the thicker the sheet of copper or brass, the worse will be the quality of the end surface, requiring additional treatment.


Laser Cutting Plus offers

At Laser Cutting Plus, our state-of-the-art equipment combined with the expertise of our employees guarantee the manufacture of high-quality laser-cut copper and brass parts that satisfy maximum permissible cutting parameters. For laser cutting of copper and brass, as well as their alloys, we use solid-state YAG lasers with light length of 1.06 m — this parameter allows for increased intensity of heat in the cutting line, as the laser beam is focused more narrowly, raising the output power and efficiency of the cutting.

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