Laser Equipment

Industrial process systems for laser cutting most commonly rely on the use of CO2 lasers and solid-state lasers with yttrium aluminium garnet (YAG lasers) used in cutting metallic materials. YAG lasers with pulse mode of operation provide higher cutting quality and allow cutting of difficult materials, such as aluminum and copper-based alloys.

CO2 lasers are used for cutting both metallic and non-metallic materials. For the cutting of non-metallic materials, radiation power of several tens of watts is sufficient, whereas metal cutting requires power levels of more than 500 watts, and more than 1000 watts for nonferrous metals.

When it comes to cutting sheet materials, CO2 lasers have become widespread due to their diverse technological applications and the wider range of radiation power.

For the purposes of cutting sheet materials, Laser Cutting Plus operates the following CO2-based laser system:

    • COHERENT DEOS GEM-100 – sealed-off laser with high-frequency electrode-less discharge pump and modulation frequency up to 25 kHz. With an average output power up to 100 watts, provides high beam quality (TEM00 mode), and the ability to focus in the minimum diameter of the spot (less than 0.15mm). Used for cutting plastics.
    • Solid state YAG laser , which support variable pulse-periodic mode of operation with an average radiation power of 650W.
    • Engraving is carried out on a specialized laser system , GCC LaserPro MG 380Hybrid