Laser cutting in the production of outdoor advertising

Laser cutting provides ample opportunities for the production of outdoor advertising and decorative products. The unique properties of laser technology allow manufacturing various types of outdoor advertising products with complex contours and shapes.


Street, information, and office signs, price tags, and lettering of all dimensions can be manufactured with a high level of quality using the laser-cutting method of "laser inlays." The method consists of preparing shapes of various colors made to fit laser-cut cavities to which they are fastened with an adhesive material, forming an image. The low width of the laser cutting results in a perfect mutual alignment and seamlessly combined shapes.

Outdoor advertising signboards on the facades of buildings can be emphasized using volumetric letters made out of polished stainless steel elements. Large letters are among the most spectacular and eye-catching laser-cut products used in outdoor advertising. The high quality of this product would not have been possible without the application of laser cutting technology.